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Selling in Vermont? Are you ‘Show Ready’?

It doesn’t happen too often but suddenly there’s an agent parked on the street outside your home with customers doing a drive-by! The agent calls the number on your For Sale sign and explains that his customers are returning to a neighboring state and apologize for the “late/no notice” but, would it be possible to schedule a showing that day? Preferably in less than an hour!

Panic sets in! The house isn’t perfect and the beds aren’t made! The kids Lego toys are all over the place and the dogs have tracked mud everywhere. Last night was ‘Fish du Jour’ night and the deep fryer has left a lasting impression! You are not ‘Show Ready’! Luckily the agent explains that the customers don’t care what shape things are in and they really want to see the house. Even though they’re ok with it, you’re not and feel terrible that they are seeing your pride and joy in such a state!

If you’re really serious about selling your home, one of many elements for success is being ready to show on a moments notice! Seriously! Unlike larger markets where showings come along fairly routinely, we can’t expect a deluge of activity and when there is interest, we have to be nimble enough to respond as quickly as possible.

One of our customers told us how they were successful being ‘show ready’ when they sold their home in the suburbs of Boston before moving to Vermont:

“…My wife declared that the house was going to be cleaned and clutter free from the moment we went on the market. Dishes were hand washed right after use and put away. We told our kids that they could only play with toys that they could put away quickly in the toy chest. We practiced a few times like a fire drill and in fact, the kids thought it was fun! If our realtor called, we hustled the kids into the van, put the cats in the kitty carry-all, and away we went in less than 15 minutes! Often in much less and our Realtor was ecstatic!  Depending on the time of day, we would head out for ice cream or pizza which made the kids happy and ultimately, being ready to show sold our house!”

We doubt that you’ll ever need to show in fifteen minutes, but why not be ready just in case!