Southern Vermont Odor Removal!

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…”Wow! What a difference you made in our basement! We needed a solution to the mildew smell before we listed our house for sale and the Ozone treatment was the answer to our prayers! Thank you so much! This really helped us sell our house!” – Homeowner, Peru VT

We created OZONEVT to help tackle odor problems we come across in Real Estate on a fairly regular basis. After achieving overwhelmingly successful results dealing with odors from pets, mildew and other typical smells in existing homes and rentals, it seemed like a good idea to help others in and around our area!

Ozone Generator & Circulation Fan

How Does Ozone Eliminate Odor?

Ozone attacks the source of odors by an oxidation process in the air and on all surfaces. It works on odors caused by cigarette and cigars, spoiled or heavy smelling foods, mold and mildew, pets, garbage, and other odor causing materials. It works on your furniture coverings and won’t leave any residual smell like fabric deodorizers which can be offensive themselves!

Is It Safe?

Yes, it is safe in unoccupied homes and other spaces that require treatment. It’s important to know that exposure to Ozone can cause serious respiratory problems especially for asthmatics. After we treat an area, it’s safe to return at least one hour after the system has completed its cycle. The treatment duration depends on the size of the area and multiple treatments may be required.  Once the Ozone has dissipated it’s safe to return and the area can be further aired out by opening a window if necessary.

How Much Does it Cost?

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Each 3 Hour Treatment is $125.00. 

Additional Hourly Treatment $50.00 

Rates include travel time.

What Towns Do You Serve in Vermont?

We’re based in Manchester Vermont and generally work within a 30 minute radius including Pawlet, Rupert, Dorset, Middletown Springs, Peru, Bonville, Stratton, Londonderry, Shaftsbury, Arlington, Sunderland, North Bennington, Landgrove, Jamaica, Weston and Winhall.

Call us at 802-683-5050 and schedule a consultation today!